Various (Hinode, NGLY…) – And Silently Vanish Away – 12″ (SFR004)



Science Fiction shifted from their early deep territories of house to the current broken beats of electro, keeping the characteristic classic analogue warmth.

This EP is made by various artists, and it comes under the signature of an obsessive majestic presence of the 808 beat, that sounds like an accidental tribute to the creator of this drum machine, founder of Roland Corporation, that has died on april the 1st as a fool that changed the way to make music since early 80es.

Tracks are mostly sustained, from synched sequences of Hinode to the final atmospheric obscure modular landscapes of Exterminador, chromed by Ngly distortions in track 02. DJ Nephil on the B side introduces a solid visionary Chicagesque mellow atmosphere.

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