Pokk – Pokk EP (Incl. Mokira Remix) – 12″ White Vinyl (S~S001)

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Martin J. Thompson is the man behind the alias Pokk! and he has the very interesting and creative sound blog Mono-log where he post a new sound every day done with his Clavia Nord Modular. And that sound blog led to this release on SonuoS due to that i (Finn Albertsson) started to follow his very interesting blog and out of curiosity started to combine different sounds together just to see what happened… It worked like a charm! FLFLP is a slow beat driven dub track with just a few sounds to keep it together and has a stab that comes in both in and out of sync and velocity almost at random while Karen ebb and flow ever so slow with a Kraftwerkian hi-hat on top of that. Martis also work with Lucia H Chung as Mimosa Moize that has been released on Murmur Records & Dragon’s Eye Recordings . The remix is made by Mokira (Raster-Noton / Mille Plateaux / Type / iDEAL / Kontra-Musik) aka Andreas Tilliander who is well known in the electronic music world for his adventures in both clicks’n’cuts and dub. He strips away the beat structure of FLFLP and replace it with a punctuated sub bass that is roaming in a slightly distorted dubby soundscape.

Not Available

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