Jack Michael – Forever With Violet EP (Incl. Desert Sound Colony Remix) – 12″ (ORBLDN003)



03 is the magic number, as Orbital London supply their UK flavour once again. Chief instigator Jack Michael leading the way for the ‘Forever With Violet’ EP, accompanied by tasteful beat maker, Desert Sound Colony who provides the remix.

Booting off with his ‘Badbwoi Sound’, Jack Michael fires up the EP the only way he knows how. Spiralling baselines, and clinical garage drums, making this one a dance floor winder. The reggae vocal sample working wonders for the heads out there.

Coming in with a slightly more stripped back affair on the A2 is Desert Sound Colony’s interpretation of the lead track, allowing the elements from the original to breathe life in to a steady driven dub heavy record, a man in fine form of recent times.

Flipping it over to the B is a murky number, aptly entitled ‘Menace’ that familiar sound from Michael with a slightly more ravey edge, making this one of his most lively productions this far. Set to rumble through a sound system near you and do some damage.

Elastic bass, and hazy pads in ‘On the Block’ put the EP to rest perfectly, transcending you to a dream like state with flourishing chords. Again the sample use is on point from the talented producer, it keeps you grounded with the track. Again, a vital EP for the garage and dub faces out there, the Orbital London crew providing modern day records with that old school sound loved by many.

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