Steve Marie / Luis Malon – The Resistance EP (OPIA002) – 12″ (OPIA002)



OPIA002 coming in thick and fast. Four tracks. Two artists.
Leading the way is Steve Marie, coming through with a refined combination of euphoria with a definite rave tinge. ‘Opiace’ is a pacey number from the off, with a bassline that creeps in and just keeps on coming back to get you. A dark and mysterious affair in ‘Yvar’, driven and punchy, laced with peculiar voices.

After releasing ‘ABE Security Systems’ on the previous release, Luis Malon returns, this time with two tracks which take up the whole of the B side. A constant progression of obscurity and curious sounds from the South American artist in ‘Maybe Forever Baby’. Rounding off the EP is ‘Astrosonik’, broken drums lead you to a place of otherworldly atmospheres, absorbing you in the trip. Acquired grooves intelligently arranged by the young talent.

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