WD41 / Toke / El Choop – Dansolso’s Jungle – 12″ (MT004)



Mint Tea proudly presents Dansolos Jungle. A deliciously velvet blend of tracks sourced from the UK and Georgia, nurtured and crafted by producers WD41, Toke and El Choop.

As we head into Dansolso’s Jungle we first encounter a slurry of dub-techno, infused with WD41’s love for tape these giant sounds represent his debut on the label. Next we encounter Toke, based in Tbilisi he has mastered the subtitles of the dance floor developing his own unique flavour of a classic style, for MT004 he supplies perfect twilight accompaniments. El Choop based in the UK has been honing his craft relentlessly since his introduction to the scene, Skeleton Crew reflecting this with its polished hard hitting style sure to satisfy many a dance floor.

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