Nacho Marco – Simple Things (LP) – 12″ Silver Colour Vinyl (LDS041)



To happiness through simplicity. Rendering a very personal tribute to well understood minimalism, the same that is based on simplicity and conceptual refinement and that is adapted to the creation and musical production -respecting that electronic maximum canonical of “less is more” – in terms of its compositional process, instrumentation, mixing, effects, etc. ‘Simple Things’ can be danced throughout the night. It is a collection of tracks with punch, made from the clarity and personality that characterize Nacho Marco, susceptible to being played at very different times and places. Exhale, from beginning to end, a natural love towards the dancefloor. From the simplicity of the search for this objective, its author -in his Warm Studio in Valencia- has used different rhythm boxes -programmed internally- for each track in order to, also based on a raw mix – especially in percussion and basses – to provide the tracklist with a varied air -between digital and analogue- through which to enjoy traveling through deep-house, nu-disco, acid, etc. and, therefore, in funk, soul, jazz, etc. From Chicago to Valencia, passing through N.Y. and Detroit. And all this avoiding arguments and essays of style. From a maximum freedom of creation and enjoyment. Yes, we are facing a “100% Nacho Marco” job.

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