Jad & The – Transorbital Express – 12″ (HAWS008)



It’s lucky number 8 for Cardiff-based imprint Haŵs – and to mark the occasion, they’ve invited the riveting Jad & The to whip up a perfect storm for “Transorbital Express”. The five-track EP teems with lightheaded house and techno beats, from micro-detailed refrains to fervent show stealers.

The A-side offers a lavish yield, with the washed-out “Mastermind” rippling into a compelling bassline and a melodic sensation of bubbles cascading to somewhere unknown. “Transorbital Express” evolves upon the delicate flair, spacing out into its own groove like a dancer becoming increasingly lost in the moment. Meanwhile, “Way To Kill” takes on the role of a subtle tyrant, delivering a charmingly malevolent feel with its menacing synths and warped vocals.

On the flip-side, the chunky “Space Infinitum” launches into attention, carving through the ozone with a woozy blend of bassline and kick drums that chug with an enthralling arrogance. “Outer Planet” closes proceedings as a driven statement of intent, taking a straight-forward groove and offsetting it with eccentric, off-beat inflections.

If you listen right from beginning to end, you’ll end up somewhere at the edge of the universe. Looking towards the future with a diverse yet consistent approach, the label ensures through their thoughtful choice of artists that no matter the direction of their output, it’s one that’s set with a clear bearing by all involved.

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