Chris Moss Acid – The Waiting Room EP – 12″ (PT007)

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The new incorporation to our label it’s called Chris Moss Acid, and arrive on charge of his computerised orchestra, composed by some Roland’s like TB303, TR606, TR707, SH101.

He makes his debut with Polybius Trax after work with interesting labels like 030303, Shipwrec, Solar One Music, Rave Or Die, Don’t… The Bournemouth one (UK), control with firm hands all the different dimensions of the acid sound, from the most raver and dancing floor focused with strong and thick bass drums and corrosive acid lines like in his tracks “Black Philip” and “The Waiting Room”, or the most emotional acid with bubbling and slower beats in “48858275.2294438”, a lisergic journey of more than 10 minutes.

Not Available

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