Black Volume – Red Footage – 12″ (DM005)



London based punk duo Black Volume are not easy to classify.

Their delirious industrial post punk sounds at times like proto house and at times becomes some sort of mutant electro. Their B Series sound is made of a conglomerate of filthy percussions, unexpected samples and something with the appearance of melody, with a weirdly addictive result.
Black Rubber is James Brown wearing black leather at 40ºC (in the shade) while suffering a mental breakdown. Excentric melodies sliding down rhythmic dislexia.  Negative Return blooms from an improvised beat with no traceable sequence, on top of  which we find rubbery synth lines, creamy interferences and mysterious sampling, everything sounds like melting from old vhs footage
With The Future we enter a romantic dystopia. Sensual and passionate but equally  crunchy, it rises up through cheap calculator arpeggios, pitched vocals and obsessive bass lines.

Streetfight evoques a desolate landscape, devastated and radioactive. Distant echoes from an extinguished human race that left behind only majestic rusty ruins.

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