Amir Alexander – 10th Degree Uzi – 12″ (VS011)



Vanguard Sound! founder and head honcho, Amir Alexander returns with the EP that marks a turning point for the label.

The 10th Degree Uzi EP is the first release to come with the official logo artwork. A1 features risque female hip house vocals over a chugging acid groove. A2 has a crazy sounding British lady talking about rocking the dance floor with her supernatural sound uzi over a house piano loop and deep dirty bass line. B1 is an urgent, odd-time signature Acid House club destroyer, and B2 is dark, melodic, textured techno that mourns and laments the seedy underbelly of the average after party. VS011 is the beginning of a new era for the label. It marks the transition from rookie to veteran status label-hood. Serious DJ weaponry.

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