A Credible Eye Witness & Ghost Ride – Voices from the Sun – 12″ (ACEW 013)



A.C.E.W. returns, seeing founder A Credible Eye Witness teaming up once again with long time partner Ghost Ride on the much anticipated “Voices From The Sun E.P.”. This time, the Italian versatile duo will lead you into the depths of Space, where superior intelligences scrutinized Earth and slowly drew their plans against us. The 12” kicks off with “Light In The Darkness”, an horrific tale dealing with strange phenomenon in the sky. Related through some seriously intriguing melodies, bubbling bass and unstoppable electro beats, the cut will immerse you into a complex array of uncanny, scary atmospheres, in particular when a child coming from nowhere tells “Don’t Be Afraid, Come With Me”. The main thrust isn’t so much about the rhythm, but more about the aerial tones that craftily fill the song with purpose and melody. Ace! Things start to get a bit serious with the title track “Voices From The Sun”. Reptilian lyrics fused into a rather 4/4 tempo will invite you to leave the planet and take a sit into an unfriendly ship. No doubt the nightmarish sequences that characterize the cut will haunt and consume your mind for a while! On the flipside, future classic “Flash” gets even more frightening. Deranged melodies enhanced with acidic lines will distort your reality as if you were travelling through time and space at light speed; a kind of kinetic tele-transportation given possible by the profound pad arrangements deployed there… you’ll be quickly realize that you definitely left our Solar system for a no return trip to the unknown! Lastly, mysterious “Linear Dimension” will bring you right back into your sinister fate: your body will be used to feed the species that kidnapp you and that’s all the splot of the song. Focusing on relentless modular loops and synth swirls, the jam offers some warm acid roars with an intuitive sense of drama. “Voices From The Sun E.P.” shows the strong musicality and versatility of the Roma based team, maintaining the subtle balance between dancefloor and home listening intends. Highly recommended release!

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