A Credible Eye Witness & Ghost Ride – Heterodyne – 12″ (ACEW 012)



Following three epic 12”, “Magnetic Frequencies”, “Sync Execute” and “Locked Loops”, the Roma based imprint presents “Heterodyne”, another refine chapter in A Credible Eye Witness & Ghost Ride’s mighty collaboration! The Italian duo introduces on A side killer “Computerized”, a future electro classic surrounded by a nostalgic atmosphere. Characterized by groovy beats in sync mode with outer space swirls and dark strings laying in the background, the tune serves up exactly what you could expect from the electro activists: a high quality standard, that will make either loose your mind nor move your body on the dancefloor. Nasty “Linear Optics” is the second mayhem of the side. While acidifying loops and frantic drums drive you crazy, nice Kraftwerkian melodies will elevate your mind by the middle of the cut. Done the right way and craftily executed! On the reverse, spicy “Conceptual Intuition” opens the Side B with what will probably be the standout of the 12”. Dark Drexcyian synth flights combined with a fast tempo and attractive female vocals over some insane bubbling modulations turn the song into a milestone of an intelligent electro tune. An ace jam that can be read at different levels and an authentic beast on the dancefloor! Grade A to the samples taken from Michael Zagger Band’s “Let’s All Chant” at the end of the track. As a conclusion, final cut “Spacetime” goes deeper into the realm delivering familiar Acid sounds, emotive synth elements and hypnotic arpeggios to the mass. In the prolongation of the previous releases on ACEW, “Heterodyne” signs a premium EP calibered for maximum damages on the linoleum!

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