A Credible Eye Witness & Ghost Ride – Magnetic Frequencies – 12″ (ACEW 011)



A.C.E.W returns on wax with a brand new EP from the label owner himself! Italian genius Emilio Urbano graces us with four no-non sense electro tracks in his typical signature. The 12’’ kicks off with irresistible “Space Lazar”, a milestone of a cut that sounds like a bit of a departure from the normal A.C.E.W style, yet still retains the low end bass while creative pads, robotic voices and evil synths will alienate your mind. Perfect to warm a crowd at 4am after a smooth drop. With its pounding electro rhythm and old school lyrics, “Let’s Rock” coming next goes back into time, delivering another timeless funky electro slaughter. On the flipside, Electro Magicians”, written along with Ghost Ride, signs one of A Credible Eye Witness most nasty anthem, serving up a sinister tune surrounded with industrial tones, intricate lyrics and bubbling 303 loops. A track that will haunt your mind for a while! Last but not the least, untouchable “Prediction” brings that familiar vintage A.C.E.W style you are looking for thanks to hypnotic 909/808 kicks, synthetic swirls and heading melodies. A club banger for sure! From A to Z, massive “Magnetic Frequencies EP” gives you what you have come to expect from A.C.E.W imprint, introducing enough vibes and dancefloor moments to propel us into the future!

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